Ovala Smoky Translucent Freestanding Bathtub


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Zurich Carrara Marble Bathtub
Zurich Carrara Marble Bathtub
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Andorra Smoky Translucent Freestanding Bathtub
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3,558.34 €

Ovala Smoky Translucent Freestanding Bathtub


2,897.50 € 2897.5 EUR 2,897.50 €

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Ovala Smoky Freestanding Resin Bathtub

Reinvent your bathroom

Let the light in with our Ovala Smoky Freestanding Bathtub made from our innovative new translucent resin material. In this smoky black tone, the material creates a bold, dramatic effect, yet retains a sense of lightness thanks to its translucent qualities.

Ideally placed in front of a window or a source of light, watch the rays of light pass through the surface of the Ovala to create an ethereal iridescent effect on its surface. Raised on a pedestal, this elegant tub brings a sculptural sensibility, designed to create an impact in both contemporary and traditional bathroom settings. The Ovala Bath pairs perfectly with the Ovala Smoky Translucent Resin Sink, creating a lustrous effect across the entire bathroom.

About Translucent Resin

Translucent resin is the latest high-performance material we are proud to offer at Riluxa. A coloured, clear resin with a glossy and resistant finish, the result is an enigma of lightness and solidity. Products are significantly lighter than their equivalent made from solid surface, with a translucent character that makes it possible to observe the flow of water within.

Created via a skilled manual process, the pigmented resin in its liquid state is cast into a mould, before releasing the hardened product and then hand-sanding and polishing to eliminate imperfections. Our translucent resin is non-porous and hygienic, and can be cleaned with common detergents. This unique and exclusive material is an extraordinary innovation that allows designers to create a new, unexpected mood in the bathroom.


Translucent Resin
Translucent Resin

Crafted from an innovative material that is 30% lighter than the average solid surface bathtub.

Easy Maintenance
Easy Maintenance

Extremely easy to clean with household detergents.

Durable Material
Durable Material

This highly resistant material can be easily renewed at home in case of light scratches.


A non-porous, seamless material, it resists bacteria and mould growth. Perfect for hygiene-sensitive areas, like kitchens, bathrooms and healthcare settings.

From Our Hands to Your Home

A Proud Tradition of Furniture Craftsmanship

What's in the box

When purchasing from Riluxa, you can rest assured that everything you need is included with no assembly required – ever!

Your Ovala
Your Ovala

We ship your Ovala in carefully designed, robust packaging to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. We hope it brings you many, many years of satisfaction.

Bathtub Plug
Bathtub Plug

To ensure you can start using your Ovala right away, we include a stylish, high-quality bathtub waste, giving you a hassle-free setup experience.

Bath Trap
Bath Trap

We supply a shallow bath trap and flexible drainpipe made from hard-wearing polypropylene with each Riluxa bathtub.

Installation type Freestanding or Plinth
Brand Riluxa
Custom made No
Material Coloured Resin
Length 168cm
Width 80cm
Weight 110kg
Height 48cm
Plug supplied Yes - Chrome
Shipping Timeline Depending on stock availability - Contact us
Overflow No
Capacity 250L
Deck / Edge No
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