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What is Corian®?

Beautiful, versatile and incredibly hard-wearing, Corian® is the original solid surface. It’s our signature material, here at Riluxa. We sell more bathroom products made with Corian® than any other material. We shape it into beautiful single-piece countertops with seamlessly integrated washbasins, use it to top off unique vanity units and mould it into luxurious tubs with super smooth curves. Our beautifully made Corian® designs are the last word in luxury bathroom furniture.

Aspiring to create a high-performance surface material with a range of uses, DuPont™ developed Corian® in 1963. The chemical company behind Kevlar, Lycra and Neoprene, it knew a superior product when it saw one, and secured the patent for Corian® in 1968. Corian® quickly became popular with design-conscious consumers, initially in the kitchens of their luxury homes and apartments. Today, though, you can find it on worktops in domestic kitchens and restaurants, in hospitals, hotels and even building facades. Of course, we champion its use in bathrooms and are proud to have played a central part in making it the premier solid surface material for basins, shower trays and bathtubs, in homes and luxury hotels alike.

Corian® is made with a blend of two thirds natural minerals and one third transparent acrylic resin, resulting in an elegant, tactile material with almost limitless design applications. Thanks to constant innovation, this superior solid surface, also known as stone resin or stone composite, remains at the pinnacle of luxury design today. When its patent expired after 30 years, other solid surfaces entered the market, including Krion and Himacs. There are now quality competitors out there, but nothing guarantees quality like the name Corian®.

Brimming with Benefits

What’s more, it’s also the only solid surface material to have Eurofins Gold Certification, the most ambitious low VOC-emitting label, so it contributes to a healthy, as well as a beautiful, indoor environment.

What’s more, it’s also the only solid surface material to have Eurofins Gold Certification, the most ambitious low VOC-emitting label, so it contributes to a healthy, as well as a beautiful, indoor environment.

Colours and Finishes

We often think of white when we think of Corian®, because that’s the colour it was originally made in (Corian® Glacier White), but today it’s available in a huge range of shades, from soft taupe to zingy citrus, bringing bespoke design to your bathroom. Colours can be solid, textured (like marble and granite) or translucent (onyx), and finishes can be polished, satin or matte. Its colours and patterns stand the test of time, too, and won’t fade or discolour even with prolonged exposure to hot water or sunlight. Perhaps most importantly of all, Corian® colours are not just a matter of superficial beauty - the colour and texture run throughout the entire thickness of the material

Hot Verdant Carrara Crema Carrara Lino Platinum Sahara White Onyx Gray Onyx

Corian® and Riluxa

Riluxa & DuPont™ Corian® have enjoyed a long and productive relationship, which has seen Riluxa become the leading retailer of Corian® products in Europe. Riluxa also has an exclusive partnership with Corian® Design to manufacture pieces that can be found nowhere else. All our artisans are trained by DuPont™, and work to the highest standards using a range of traditional and innovative techniques. We are part of the Corian® Quality Network, a premium network of fabricators and retailers guaranteed by DuPont™.

Although Corian® is an engineered, man-made material, it can be worked like a natural one. We sand and polish our Corian® Design solid surface bathtubs to achieve a soft matte finish, while our ultra-modern angular designs are created using woodworking techniques. Pieces are cut, routed and drilled like a fine and then bonded with specialist adhesives and hand-sanded so the joints are invisible. We like to think you can feel the love, care and attention we pour into each piece of bathroom furniture. Our beautiful designs, our skilled craftsmen and the unique properties of Corian® combine to produce high-end bathroom furniture that never goes out of fashion.

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