Bubbles Mirror with LED


608.79 €

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Aquila Ceiling-Mounted Mirror
Aquila Ceiling-Mounted Mirror
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487.15 €
Igor Mirror
Igor Mirror
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687.08 €

Bubbles Mirror with LED


608.79 € 608.79 EUR 608.79 €

499.01 €

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Bubbles Mirror with LED

Immerse yourself in the playful design of the Bubbles Mirror, perfect for two. This double mirror, illuminated by LEDs, mirrors the playful shape of bubbles. The discrete black frame adds a touch of modern elegance, turning an everyday item into a statement piece. This mirror goes beyond its basic functionality, becoming a unique decorative element that enhances your bathroom decor. The Bubbles Mirror is a testament to the power of innovative design, proving that even the simplest objects can express a sense of style. Experience the joy of seeing your reflection in the Bubbles Mirror, a fun and modern addition to any bathroom.


Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind

Protected by a 2-year warranty.

From Our Hands to Your Home

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What's in the box

When purchasing from Riluxa, you can rest assured that everything you need is included with no assembly required – ever!

Your Bubbles
Your Bubbles

We ship your Bubbles in carefully designed, robust packaging to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. We hope it brings you many, many years of satisfaction.

Fixing Kit
Fixing Kit

Fixing kits are supplied with our wall hung products (they are not specific for dry walls, please make sure to use the right type depending on your type of wall).

Material Metal or Mirror
Brand Riluxa
Installation type Wall-Hung
Custom made No
Length 170cm
Height 90cm
Weight 8kg
Fixing Kit / Support Brackets Yes
Shipping Timeline Depending on stock availability - Contact us
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