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Celebrating Three Years on the Prestigious Financial Times’ FT1000 List: Riluxa's Growth Journey

Join us as we explore Riluxa's journey over three years on the esteemed FT1000 ranking. Discover the story behind our remarkable growth and sustained success in the luxury bathroom sector.

Celebrating Three Years on the Prestigious Financial Times’ FT1000 List: 
Riluxa's Growth Journey


For the third consecutive year, Riluxa has proudly earned a place among Europe's standout business performers, securing a coveted spot on the FT1000 list – a testament to our relentless pursuit of growth and distinction in the marketplace. This milestone not only underscores our ascendancy within the European economy but also reaffirms our position as a trailblazer in the bathroom industry.

For those unfamiliar with our journey, let's delve into the factors behind Riluxa's remarkable success and our inclusion in the prestigious FT1000 list for the third time.

Setting the Stage: The Riluxa Story

Founded in 2016 by our visionary CEO, Frédéric Tomé, Riluxa was born out of a mission to democratise luxury in the bathroom industry. Fuelled by a passion for craftsmanship and a desire to make high-end products accessible to all, Frédéric tapped into Valencia's rich craftsmanship tradition and vibrant skill base. Our innovative approach working directly with the end customer has propelled Riluxa to the forefront of the bathroom industry.

Understanding the FT1000 List

The FT1000, published annually by the Financial Times, is a prestigious list that recognises and ranks the 1,000 fastest-growing companies in Europe. This ranking is based on the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in revenue over a three-year period. Inclusion in the FT1000 is a significant achievement, highlighting the success and dynamism of the listed companies within the European business landscape.

Reflecting on our continued presence in the FT1000 ranking this year, Frédéric shared:

"This continued recognition from the Financial Times is better than an award – it's a testament to our team's tenacity and the strong partnerships we've cultivated along the way. None of this would be possible without the passion, dedication and collaborative spirit of each member of our team at Riluxa. At the core of our success lies a commitment to quality, sustainability and the relentless pursuit of excellence – whether it's in selecting the finest materials for our beautiful bathroom pieces or delivering exceptional service to our clients.
We also express our deep gratitude to our loyal clients, partners and everyone who has been a part of our journey. The recognition of our brand in ambitious projects – ranging from crafting elegant bathroom spaces for esteemed names like Louboutin in Geneva and WeWork Paris to enhancing prestigious venues such as the European Parliament – serves as a great source of motivation. It's a testament to the breadth of our capabilities and the trust our clients place in us. This ranking reaffirms our mission to bring accessible luxury to every commercial and residential project we undertake."

Riluxa appointed to supply The European Parliament in Luxembourg’s Kirchberg-Plateau district and Louboutin’s Geneva office in Switzerland. 

To discover some of the unique clients we’ve had the pleasure of working with, head over to the Client Projects section of our website.

A selection of some of the beautiful Client Projects profiled on Riluxa.com. 

Upward Momentum

As well as the Financial Times, our growth journey has been recognised by leading publications such as Forbes and The Telegraph, and style magazines like Homes & Gardens in the UK, Marie Clare in France and Elle Décor in Spain. With an average growth rate of 728% since our founding and tens of thousands of happy customers, we are proud to have earned the trust and loyalty of our clients and partners.

Unpacking Riluxa's Success

Riluxa's remarkable story can be attributed a unique blend of customer-centric approach, strategic industry partnerships and a relentless commitment to digital innovation, to ensure a superior customer experience. These factors collectively underpin our forward momentum, crafting a future rich with potential.

Customer-Centric Approach

​At Riluxa, our dedication to putting customers first ensures each touchpoint is a delight, from initial inquiry to the final unveiling of our creations. Our made-to-measure approach to production empowers customers to create their dream bathroom pieces, tailored to their exact specifications. With one of the shortest lead times in the industry, we ensure that our clients’ visions become reality promptly and efficiently.

Valued Partnerships

Our journey has been greatly enriched by the invaluable partnerships we've forged along the way. Through our enduring collaboration with DuPont Corian®, we've proudly become Europe's largest supplier of Corian® bathroom products, a testament to our shared commitment to excellence. Our dedication to sustainability can be seen in our large network of local Valencian suppliers of materials and components, one benefit of being based in the cradle of furniture craftsmanship! Meanwhile, our alliances with industry leaders, like Grass from Austria and Vernet from France, speak volumes about our commitment to innovation and quality. These partnerships are about joining forces with the best in the industry to deliver exceptional products.  

Digital Transformation

In 2022, we embarked on an ambitious journey to transform our digital landscape and enhance the customer experience. This involved a comprehensive overhaul of our internal IT systems, ensuring seamless logistics and production management for our bespoke product range. Building on this foundation, we unveiled our redesigned website in late 2023 – a culmination of months of meticulous planning and development. Our new online platform offers a user-friendly interface, simplified product navigation and an intuitive configurator for crafting bespoke pieces. With the integration of cutting-edge VR technology, customers can now visualise our products in their space, providing a beautiful and immersive shopping experience.

The Riluxa Culture

Based in the vibrant city of Valencia, Spain, Riluxa has fostered a global mindset from day one. We've built a diverse international team drawn from nine countries, bringing a rich array of perspectives and experiences to the table. As much as possible, we are committed to delivering personalised advice and care to our clients in their own language, by experts who understand them and their unique needs.

Many of our dedicated team members have been with us since the beginning, a testament to our inclusive and supportive workplace environment. In a traditionally male-dominated industry, Riluxa stands out for its commitment to gender equality. We are proud to have female-led teams across numerous functions, including Logistics, Purchasing, Finance, Sales and Ecommerce.

Valencia's captivating blend of traditional and avant-garde architecture is legendary. Pictured above are the iconic landmarks: the City of Arts and Sciences, the vibrant Fallas festival, and the majestic Marqués de Dos Aguas Palace.

Located in the heart of Valencia, our HQ provides an inspiring backdrop for creativity and innovation. Surrounded by stunning architecture, beautiful beaches and a rich cultural heritage, our team finds inspiration in the vibrant energy of our city, fuelling our passion for excellence in everything we do.


Future Growth Strategy

Looking ahead, Riluxa is embarking on ambitious initiatives to drive growth and diversification. One key project underway in 2024 involves expanding beyond the bathroom into the living room space. This move is just the beginning of showcasing the beauty of Riluxa products and our bespoke capabilities throughout the entire home. 

Additionally, our internationalisation efforts remain a top priority, with a particular focus on expanding into Asian markets. These strategic endeavours underscore our commitment to innovation and global expansion, positioning Riluxa for continued success and prominence in the industry.

In Conclusion

Riluxa’s journey, from inception to our position among Europe's fastest-growing companies, is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. We've revolutionised the bathroom industry, making luxurious products more accessible than ever, while maintaining our dedication to customer-centricity and quality. We're immensely proud of our achievements, from securing a spot on the prestigious FT1000 list to expanding our product offerings and global reach. Stay with us; the best is yet to come!

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