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Creating a Statement with Luxury Bathtubs and Washbasins

A luxury bathroom perfects any morning or night routine. There’s nothing like completing your skincare routine over a state-of-the-art wash basin or taking a relaxed bath in a contemporary tub. Pure bliss.  

Creating a Statement with Luxury Bathtubs and Washbasins


A luxury bathroom perfects any morning or night routine. There’s nothing like completing your skincare routine over a state-of-the-art wash basin or taking a relaxed bath in a contemporary tub. Pure bliss.

However, selecting statement bathtubs and wash basins isn’t a random process. Ensuring your bathroom is cohesive and fitting to your personal aesthetic is a must, especially if you’re completely remodelling the space.

Today, we’re highlighting how to make luxury bathtubs and washbasins the focal point of your bathroom while helping them fit cohesively into your interior decor. Scroll down to see 2023’s hottest fixtures and expert tips now.


How Can Luxury Bathtubs and Washbasins Make a Statement?

Before we dive into basin and bathtub trends, we’ll quickly cover how these fixtures can make a statement and why it’s so crucial to consider which you choose.

Luxury washbasins and bathtubs are available in a plethora of colours, materials and designs. Each gives off a completely different look, and many have different functionalities. From marble bathtubs to copper washbasins, every design is unique and not all fit together. Creating a cohesive space is integral to perfecting your bathroom aesthetics.

Furthermore, you need to assess your personal style preferences and current trends. Is there a particular style you’re drawn to? Don’t ignore it! Tailor your bathtub and washbasin selection to your taste to ensure you’re happy with the final results. Personalisation is a must for a truly lavish finish.


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Luxury Bathtubs

Firstly, we’re looking at in-demand luxury bathtubs to help you explore current trends. Bookmark this page so you can come back to these premium designs.


Ursa Corian Design Freestanding Bathtub


Freestanding Bathtubs

Freestanding bathtubs are a must if you’re lucky enough to have a spacious bathroom. You can place these statement pieces anywhere in the room and choose their orientation. Thanks to their flexible nature, you can add as much (or as little) focus on these tubs as you want. Perfect if you want a statement fixture and also excellent for those who want a minimalist-style tub.

The Ursa Corian Design Freestanding Bathtub is an excellent choice for anyone who prioritises comfort and softness. This double-ended tub offers a matte finish, delicate thin edges, and a perfectly rounded interior.


Aquila Built-in DuPont Corian Bathtub


Recessed Bathtubs

Another luxurious choice, the built in bathtub, is excellent for anyone needing a space-efficient fixture without compromising aesthetics or quality.

The Aquila Built-in DuPont Corian Bathtub is an inset bath designed for versatility and all style needs. It can also be installed as a corner tub, an alcove tub, or even a freestyling piece, by choosing the appropriate number of bath panels. Whether you want an opulent bathroom or a minimalist space, this bathtub can fit most styles.


Luxury Washbasins

Don’t forget to spend time exploring washbasins. These everyday fixtures are just as crucial as showers and tubs.


Sagitta Deep DuPont Corian Wall Mounted Washbasin


Wall Mounted Basins

Wall-mounted basins are ideal for minimalist bathrooms, adding a slice of luxury while maximising space. Their sleek aesthetic and suspended design offers a practical elegance, no matter what material or colour is used. This is a great way to avoid clunky countertop basins or traditional pedestals.

The Sagitta Deep DuPont Corian Wall Mounted Washbasin is a timeless example of classic bathroom interior design. With an impactful look, this deep 140cm washbasin is designed to be the focal point of the bathroom. It’s also available in a selection of colours and can be custom made to your measurements.

Looking for a smaller fixture? The Cassiopeia Corian Wall Mounted Washbasin offers an innovative wall-mounted style at 50cm. Ideal for smaller bathrooms or space conservation.


Tamara Nero Marquina Marble Freestanding Washbasin


Freestanding Basins

Wall-mounted basins may offer an innovative look, but freestanding basins epitomise luxury with their powerful standalone presence. These are available in premium materials and can act as sculptural focal points.

For example, the Tamara Nero Marquina Marble Freestanding Washbasin oozes luxury without being an over-the-top piece. This understated basin is also available in white Carrara marble.


Final Tips: What to Consider When Choosing a Bathtub or Washbasin

Before you select your next home fixture, make sure you consider these features before making your final choice:

  • Functionality — You may love the look of a tub, but does it function well? Consider whether it has the features needed to meet your daily needs.
  • Space — Don’t just consider whether the basin or bathtub will fit into your space. Also, examine whether it will make the space feel crowded or not.
  • Design harmony — Not all colours and textures mix well together. Consider picking a design aesthetic (e.g. minimalist, contemporary, or vintage) and base your choices on examples of these.
  • Materials — Is the bathtub or washbasin made from high-quality materials? Ensure the craftsmanship is premium, and the materials are durable so it lasts the test of time. Look for Corian Solid surface and our own Mineral Stone. Marble is also a great choice for washbasins and bathtubs.
  • Personalisation — Do you want your fixture customised? And are there options for customisation? For example, some bathtubs can be configured to fit your bathroom’s specific measurements.


The Conclusion

Whether it’s your first time remodelling a bathroom or not, taking time to peruse luxury bathtubs and basins is necessary. We hope this blog has inspired you to get started, and we hope our tips help you to create a harmonious space. Soon you’ll be de-stressing in a lavish bathtub perfectly selected for your home. Simply delightful.

See our complete range of bathtubs here or our washbasin range here.

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